Zachary Levi Wants to Make a Ski Pyramid With Other DC Actors

It looks like Shazam! The star Zachary Levi wants to rebuild an explosion of the past with his own pyramid of the water ski superhero DC.

For those of you who do not, the iconic images of superheroes dressed in spandex and jumping into the water were part of the popular superhero skipper program Sea World, held in the 1970s by a woman who stands next to Batman, Superman and Flash , wants to revive the Bronze Age of comics and this little part of the story.

With Instagram, Levi released a famous picture of the Sea World program in Florida and highlighted some of DC’s main names in the release. The 37-year-old had called the A-lists like Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck into action to recreate the pose and shared the idea with his followers:

Levi not only held with the main stars of the DCEU. With characters like Supergirl and Black Canary, who also appeared in the pyramid, she asked for the list of CW shows and asked Melissa Benoist and Katie Cassidy to join. However, not all were so impressed. Although Green Arrow did not show up, Stephen Amell wrote to the post office to write, “That hurts.”

With the original superhero show, which includes about 23 characters, Sea World was also known for Joker, Penguin, Lois Lane, Captain Cold, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White and even Tarzan. If Levi really wants to try, he should probably communicate with Cameron Monaghan, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne to check their availability. Who knows, Cavill and Co collect. To create your own superhero show, you can add some fun to the DCEU after the famous and dark series of Zack Snyder films that ended with the Justice League.

Elsewhere, it seems that Levi really lives up to his expectations of a comedy clown. Shazam! It is said his tone is lighter than the rest of the fans of DC films that have become accustomed since Man of Steel in 2013. Known for his comic role as Chuck Bartowski in Chuck, some fear that Levi would not be the right paper for Billy Batson, but it seems he’s more and more in the thick of DC the other day. Sure, Sea World may not be what it used to be, but imagine Momoa jumping out of the pool like Arthur Curry to show up with the other big names in DC’s legendary water ski show Heroes and Vilins. That sounds like an idea of making money, if ever there was one!