What John Cena Could Look Like As Duke

There is an adaptation of the Duke Nukem movie on the way, and it has been confirmed that John Cena is attached to the project. Duke was one of the most important video game characters of the 1990s, especially with the release of Duke Nukem 3D in 1996. The first-person shooter illustrates what the madness of the shooter of the 90s was so exciting for. The fans mixed exciting action with stupid humor and almost consolidated their place in popular culture.

Although Duke Nukem 3D was ported and relaunched to all devices under the sun, over the years, new releases in the franchise were hard to find, and the latest release by Duke Nukem Forever was considered a major flaw in the series. However, it was confirmed last year that a Duke Nukem movie is in progress. In addition, the whisper spread that John Cena was talking to Duke.

Of course, it has now been confirmed that John Cena is associated with the Duke Nukem project. Therefore, many fans of the series (and Cena fans) wondered what Cena would look like as a cigar hero. Fortunately, there is a big model, as John Cena, courtesy of BossLogic, might look like Duke Nukem. As you can see below, here’s how Cena was able to achieve this iconic aspect of Duke Nukem when the movie seeks to directly adapt the hero.

The model shows fantastically how Cena would look like in the lead role of a Duke Nukem movie. After all, Cena certainly has the character for the role, and some of his earlier films, including The Marine, would not be inappropriate in the list of action movie stars of the nineties. In that sense he can be a good choice for the movie.

However, some are still skeptical as to whether a Duke Nukem movie would necessarily work. The recent release of Tomb Raider has shown that video game films can have a big impact, but the raw nature of Duke Nukem and the mix of different tropes of the nineties in a franchise could make a cohesive film difficult. Duke himself is essentially a Frankenstein monster consisting of Dirty Harry, Ash of The Evil Dead and Dolph Lungren, while the extravagant humor of the character fell into the 2011 Duke Nukem Forever.

Cena’s own words, however, show quite hope here. John Cena has said that he wants to do justice to Duke Nukem, while suggesting that adjustments are necessary for Duke to function as a character today. With Cena aware of the recent roles he has played, there is a possibility that smart action can be taken to make that adjustment.