Watch Carrie Fisher Slap Oscar Isaac Many Times in Gag Reel

Carrie Fisher beats Oscar Isaac 40 times in the gag of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Friends, family and fans from around the world were saddened when they lost the masses on December 27, 2016, at the age of 60, less than a year before the launch of The Last Jedi. Fortunately for the Star Wars believers, Fisher completed all the scenes for the eighth chapter of the Skywalker Family saga. This led to a complete performance and an uncertain fate for his General Leia as the credits progressed.

Of course, General Leia was much more prominent in The Last Jedi than in The Force Awakens, and her scenes included animosity between her and Poe Dameron by Oscar Isaac. The confrontation becomes physical at some point and apparently the director and author Rian Johnson could not find the right version for the film.

While Isaac said before he was beaten 27 times for the “intense scene”, the fans can finally see the blows individually and so on in a new exclusive video for ET. The release of The Last Jedi in The Home Jedi is planned. The film’s gag role shows that Fisher repeatedly slapped Isaac on his face, while humiliating the experienced X-Wing pilot as rude. Unless some of the recordings were repeated, Isaac apparently lost the count in his memory of the scene, having been beaten more than 40 times in the video. In his opinion, Isaac never breaks the figure once, as Johnson obviously looked for Fisher’s perfect connection to the co-star and a resonant bang. In a retweet from the gag on his Twitter, Johnson said about the slap: “It was Oscar’s first day, somehow he’s still talking to me.”

Fortunately, other late Jedi stars are better off on the Gag role, which also highlights the phenomena of Finns (John Boyega) and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran), and even a bit where BB-8 meets a toddler version of itself. Also, fans of people like Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, and Domhnall Gleeson get many scammers for the camera, perhaps because it releases tension as they all appear before the serious scenes of the movie. Isaac also appears a few more times (without being beaten) like Benicio Del Toro on the gag role.

The gag roles are common in home video’s main videos, and fans will not be disappointed by the preview of what’s in the launch of The Last Jedi. Of course it was fun for the fans of Isaac, but if you remember the experience, it’s doubtful that you’ll hear him complain about his memorable scene with the Star Wars icon. Fisher was, in a sense, a force of nature, and Isaac will probably appreciate those slaps forever, painful as they may be.