Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is 2017’s Most Profitable

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is considered the most profitable blockbuster of 2017. The film ended its worldwide commercial career at $ 1.3 billion worldwide, far from the $ 2 billion predecessor The Force awakens, but it is still one very impressive tour. It was the third year in a row that Lucasfilm had a billion dollar success in his Disney era, and the box office of the three films released so far coincides with the $ 4 billion that Mouse House has paid for the study. that the revival of Star Wars would be successful, but it had a fantastic start from the start.

In terms of Episode VIII, his financial performance has been the subject of some debate. The polarizing reaction to the film seemed to affect his legs at the box office, but at the end of the day, there is no denying that it was a monumental success. There is an obvious case between Force Awakens and Last Jedi, but this can be more attributed to the fact that Force Awakens will always be an unprecedented cinema event than anything else. If there was somebody who was still asking if Disney was happy with Last Jedi’s final result or not, this latest development should raise concerns.

The countdown for the 10 most profitable box office hits of 2017 (based on the numbers calculated by the experts) ended with the award of Star Wars 8 as the winner. With $ 995.8 million in sales and marketing ($ 578.3 million), The Last Jedi is earning $ 417.5 million. That’s enough to finance the productions of two Last Jedi and still has $ 17.5 million left. That’s why the far-flung galaxy is one of the industry’s most important tent poles.

The results show that the cumulative net profit of Force Awakens, Rogue One and Last Jedi is $ 1.5 billion. As expected, much of it comes from Episode VII ($ 780.1 million), but it’s the definitive proof that this was a very successful investment. The future must indeed be very bright. The films are still strong with solo, Episode IX, the trilogy by Rian Johnson and David Benioff & D.B. The Weiss series is coming. Next year, the theme park “Galaxy’s Edge” will open. Jon Favreau is currently developing a television series for the Disney Broadcasting Service. None of this takes into account the large volumes of Star Wars products being sold in the coming years. $ 4 billion may have been a bargain, hard to believe it does.

Not only does this serve as a sufficient exclamation point for the ultimate Jedi, it may also relieve the May Solo. No doubt Lucasfilm wants his second split to be successful, but it’s not that he has to rewrite the record books to keep the franchise going. All Ron Howard’s film has to do is to be profitable by itself (which would be close to Rogue One’s $ 362.6 million profit) and keep the machine going. Star Wars is blossoming like never before and now there is nothing to fear for its long-term viability.