Pookalam Design | Pookalam 2019

Rangoli is an art form of India in which patterns (similar to mandala designs) are created on the floor of living rooms or terraces. For the production of Rangoli, materials such as colored sand, colored rice, dried flour or petals are used.

Pookalam Design

The purpose of the Rangoli is the decoration, and it is believed that it brings luck. Depending on the region, traditions and folklore, the designs may vary. In general, this practice is sometimes shown as festivals, happy celebrations, marriages and other milestones and similar gatherings. Traditionally it is done by women. The flowered Rangoli is called Pookalam.

The designs of Pookalam design have their main origin in the south of India and therefore carry a touch of celebration. Pookalam is usually designed on a temporary basis as Onam and each of them is decorated and designed with maximum perfection. All of these Rangoli designs have their own uniqueness and opulence and give the place a charm when they are immaculately finished.

Pookalam 2019

This Pookalam design has immense opulence and an impressive finish. The Rangoli are bright colors and women love this design, especially during the Onam Festival. At the outer edges of the Pookalam small slides have been added, which give the design more brilliance. A beautiful combination of orange and different yellows makes the Rangoli fascinating.