ohn Cena Wants To Do Duke Nukem Justice

John Cena gave some details on his adaptation of the Duke Nukem film in an interview with Screen Rant. Born at another time (early 1990s), the Duke Nukem franchise produced nine video games and a series of comic books over a 20-year period. However, one thing the franchise has been unable to achieve for almost twenty years is the existence of a film at the beginning of its development. Producers Lawrence Kazanoff and Scott Faye have developed the IP over the years, but unlike other popular games of the 90s, including Resident Evil and Tomb Raider, or even newer games like Assassin’s Creed, no one beat Duke Nukem … but there is still hope!

Earlier this year, there was a rumor about another attempt to bring Duke Nukem to the big screen, and WWE superstar John Cena had begun negotiations to play in the title role. While talking to Screen Rant about his new film Blockers, Cena talked about his possible involvement in the adaptation of long-term video games.

Screen Rant: Video game movies are on the rise again. Tomb Raider dates. Duke Nukem is something you have been united to and you look like Duke Nukem.

John Cena: I think that’s the direct bond, and I’m very honored to be bound by it, but it’s a very fragile franchise. This was one that was very specific to the timeline, namely the nineties. So think again about the story. The story has to come in balls, man. As it must be said, in a sense acceptable to this generation that runs on eggshells … it can not be Duke Nukem, but it can not take the wrong step … I am … what a blessing, to be associated with it, a name like this, and I just hope the development does justice to the franchise.

The dinner has been very selective lately, as it profiles itself as an actor. In just a dozen years of acting, Cena, whose first films (12 Rounds, The Marine) are very reminiscent of the action films of the 1990s, which Nukem will pay tribute to, has developed a seemingly good relationship with Paramount Pictures, the studio. Development of this iteration of Duke Nukem. With so many appearances in Daddy’s Home’s films and a more important role in Transformers’ next breakup, Bumblebee, Cena’s trajectory as an actor seems to be on the rise.

Part of this upward movement may be due to Cena insisting that the projects in which he is involved have solid stories that will appeal to a wider audience. Undoubtedly, the filming of video games has been unpredictable over the years and it is clear that Cena knows this and works to ensure that the version we see on the big screen is the same as the original material. To do this, the fans should be patient while waiting for Cena to disguise himself as a Nukem killing aliens, while the people of Platinum Dunes, Paramount’s daughter, monitor development and are still working on a script. For those unfamiliar with Platinum Dunes, it’s the studio owned in part by Michael Bay, a man who has had a lot of experience developing crazy action movies.

Interestingly, Duke Nukem is not the only retro project Cena is affiliated with. Stay tuned for the second part of our exclusive interview for more information on the development of the 1980s television series Knight Rider, which Cena wants to re-launch with Kevin Hart on the big screen.