Naomi Watts in Talks to Join Joe Carnahan’s Boss Level

Naomi Watts is talking to Joe Carnahan’s boss level in front of several action stars. Directed by Carnahan, a filmmaker primarily known for creating dramatic high-efficiency action films, the project brings together an incredible team of stars for an exciting premise.

Boss Level will refer to Frank Grillo as a former Special Forces Veteran trapped in a Groundhog Day loop that leads to his death every day. It’s a popular premise, but details beyond the movie and a brief summary were not revealed. There is also no indication as to whether it is a supernatural event or a science fiction event. Mel Gibson (Mad Max) and Will Sasso (Best in Show) are also connected to the project. The pressure is to put together a movie that offers a unique version of the popular premise, but with such a cast, it will certainly provide something unusual to fans of the genre.

It’s a cast which Naomi Watts could now belong to, Variety said, currently in negotiations for the project. The last action film of the actress and producer was Insurgent. As Evelyn, mother of four children (Theo James), she brought a great vulnerability and power into the role. It remains to be seen who will play Watts in the boss level, but he certainly has the ability to act. The actress is best known for her more dramatic roles and could give Carnahan’s script a high profile, giving people something special in terms of the already exciting movie.

The film is financed by Emmett / Furla / Oasis and produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian, Randall Emmett and George Furla. Producers of the film include Di Bonaventura, Carnahan and Grillo’s War Party, and Scott Free. Watts was last seen in The Book of Henry and starred alongside Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson at The Glass Castle.

It’s hard not to watch the many films that make up a Groundhog Day scenario. The film has a striking resemblance to Edge of Tomorrow in its short summary. With Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, Edge of Tomorrow, was also a soldier to see, who experienced a time warp with each death. However, there are many ways to see the summary, and there were several creative concepts for repeating events from the original Groundhog Day to the Blumhouse Happy Death Day.

Obviously, Carnahan, the grim action movie master and director of hits like The Gray and Smoking Aces, has something special up his sleeve. It remains to be seen what form this new incarnation will take on the premise, but with such a cast in front of the camera and Watts himself surrounding the film, this will surely be a new take on and a unique experience for the fans of Grillo and Carnahan