Gambit Gets New Filming Start

Gambit gets a new production launch, suggesting that 20th Century Fox is still pushing the X-Men universe movie. The studio’s X-Men series was first launched in 2000, but has since become a much larger franchise. With X-Men’s main films, a trilogy by Wolverine Solo and splits like Deadpool, Fox has greatly expanded his superhero franchise. Since Deadpool and Logan showed that atypical superhero films can be successful at critics and at the box office, Fox’s X-Men films have been diversified, including the complete terrorist route with the new mutants.

As Fox’s X-Men series has evolved in recent years, Gambit appears to be a project that continues to cause big setbacks. Although Channing Tatum remains tied to the star in Gambit as mutant Remy LeBeau, the project has seen a revolving door come and go from directors. Separating X-Men had another problem when Gambit lost director Gore Verbinski earlier this year. The production was discontinued when Fox sought a new director, and the studio delayed the release date of the film by four months. However, Tatum’s Gambit project has received good news.

Omega Underground reports that Fox has set a new production start date for Gambit. The cameras are ready to shoot on June 19th in their hometown of Remy LeBeau in New Orleans, Louisiana. The breakup of X-Men is expected to be shot at Big Easy Studios, where he filmed Logan, Fox’s superhero film. Omega Underground speculates that Fox has now set a new launch date for Gambit, and the studio will soon announce a director for the project.

Gambit has often set production start dates in the past, so it is not necessarily a good indication that the project is progressing. In fact, Fox had just set a spin start date when Verbinski left the project. Since this new launch date has been reported before the studio officially announces a new director, I hope you are especially sure who is responsible for the direction. For their part, Tatum said in an interview last summer that Gambit is restarting following the success of Deadpool and Logan. This indicated that Fox was ready to give the creative team more freedom on the solo tour of Ragin ‘Cajun, but fans must wait to see who the new director is before they have an idea of what the movie will look like.

It remains to be seen if the fans will see the vision of Tatum for Gambit. The project had several deputy directors, the production should begin, just so that the filmmaker can get away from the film. Now that Fox has set a new launch date, Gambit seems to be taking a step forward. It also indicates that we will be informed soon enough about a new oar. But given the film’s delays, fans will likely wait for Gambit to take important steps to become a reality, such as naming a director and the official start of production, before embarking on this latest development.