Emily Blunt Confirms ‘Nobody Ever Called Me

Emily Blunt confirms that she has never fought for the lead role in Captain Marvel. One of the biggest cheers Marvel Studios sparked in announcing Phase 3 in 2014 was the confirmation that Carol Danvers got a solo movie. After this announcement was made, the casting fan started for the next most powerful MCU hero. The result brought Marvel high-profile names, and the role eventually became Oscar winner Brie Larson.

She has just started working on her solo film, and production was officially started yesterday. Most are pleased that Larson takes over the role, even if she is a little younger than some think. While a wish list or other rival that beat Larson was not yet known, Charlize Theron or Emily Blunt were some of the most popular options to play with the former Air Force pilot.

As much as the Internet would have Blunt in that role, it never seemed to have been his intention. While speaking to Screen Crush while promoting his new movie A Quiet Place, Blunt was asked how far he had come to Captain Marvel. Not only did she not get the newspaper straight, Marvel never called her.

Blunt is clearly someone on the radar of Marvel Studios and an integral part of the Disney family. To hear that he never received a call is a bit surprising. Previously, it was controversial for Peggy Carter and Black Widow, roles for Hayley Atwell and Scarlett Johansson. She has since played Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins Returns and starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in Jungle Cruise, both for Disney. Although Blunt says in this interview that Mary Poppins is her superhero, she still has her true superhero credentials, which can be found in some way in the MCU.

The casting for Carol was recently the role of the scene grape Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow, where he played perfectly with a responsible officer. It was easy to see how he could use those skills again as Captain Marvel. Although she could have had a possibly great Carol Danvers, we’ll never know. Fortunately, Brie Larson should play that role (probably in the next few years), and the character should be in good hands. And who knows, maybe Blunt has a role in Captain Marvel 2.