Blumhouse & Damon Lindelof Join Forces For The Hunt

Shortly after, movie producer Blumhouse will join Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof in a new politically motivated action thriller called The Hunt. Jason Blum will also produce the film together with Lindelof.

The director of Z for Zachariah, Craig Zobel, will direct, Lindelof and Nick Cuse write the script. Cuse is the son of the lost writer of Lindelof, Carlton Cuse. The three men meet through their joint work on The Leftovers of HBO.

THR reported for the first time on the cooperation between Blumhouse and Lindelof. While there are still not many details about The Hunt’s conspiracy, the sources suggest that the film is inspired by real events, including the current political split between left and right in the United States. THR suggests that viewers can expect something “on a more extreme and violent level” with the narrative. This is not the first time that Blumouse has adopted a politically motivated story. The company came to Universal Pictures in 2017 for Jordan Peeles Get Out, which focused on racism in the United States and raised more than $ 250 million at the box office. The highly acclaimed film won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar in 2018 and received a Best Film nomination.

Lindelof made a name for himself as a showrunner for Lost. This series received its own awards, including the Emmy 2005 for the Outstanding Drama Series and a series of awards for its performers and writers in its six seasons. Lindelof became co-designer of The Leftovers of HBO, another award-winning series. The leftovers ran HBO for three seasons. In the cinema, Lindelof has worked as a screenwriter in the films Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darkness and Tomorrowland. He is currently working on the adaptation of HBO in the Alan Moore comic series Watchmen.

When it comes to thrillers, Lindelof is undoubtedly a good option to lead this new project for Blumhouse. Most of his works have the kind of “seat edge” mentality that good thrillers need. The team with Blumhouse also makes sense, as the success of Get Out has shown that people really want to see genre films that deal with the difficult modern ideals and political beliefs. With Cuse and Sable on board, The Hunt could become a movie that can be seen when it finally hits theaters.