Admiral Holdo Is A Force-Sensitive Character

Laura Dern reveals that her Star Wars character: The Last Jedi, Vice Admiral Holdo, is sensitive to power. It is safe to say that public understanding of the franchise’s most famous concept has grown exponentially since Lucasfilm released new films in the Disney era. Long before Luke Skywalker’s lessons for King in The Last Jedi, characters like Maz Kanata and Chirrut. We show that you do not have to be a Jedi Knight or Sith Lord to be in harmony with the power of power. The filmmakers have shown their religious aspects, with Lor San Tekka as a member of the Church of the Force. As the study is continually added to the canon, there will certainly be more revelations.

Often, the characters who believe in power express their views. That’s why it’s surprising to know that Holdo really used it. Apart from the famous line, “May the Force Be With You” in Episode VIII, there was nothing in the film to suggest that Holdo was power-related. However, this is a key element of the story developed between Dern, Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy.

In her thoughts and in her understanding of the history of origin, we know that she was a true rebel of the Resistance, and we could have called her hippie in our culture. But she longed for peace, and in this way for a revolutionary, and she wanted to be trained and guided by Leia, who taught her everything she knew. She wanted to join the ranks to support Leia’s mission, but she also had another world where power is involved. ”

This development connects Holdo with one of the main themes of the film. When Luke King talks about Ahch-To, power is not just about raising stones or controlling people. It’s much bigger than a superpower, and there are several ways to use it. With Dern’s words, Holdo wanted to “protect power,” and did so by turning out to be the leader of the Resistance. Maybe that’s why he kept such a rational and balanced attitude while the First Order pursued the Raddus. The power led Holdo in ways that many of his subordinates (including Poe Dameron) could not understand. And as EW noted, Holdo’s connection to power allowed him to make peace as she performed her daring maneuver.

If Holdo is dead in the saga now, it will be interesting to see if the character is explored in any of the canon’s other materials. The story of his friendship with Leia is described in detail in the novel Leia: Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray, but there are several decades between this story and Last Jedi worth telling. Dern himself is ready to learn more about Holdo’s past, maybe Lucasfilm will bring her back with some skill to move forward.